This one is for all my fellow humans, near or far, young and old, all genders, all races, all religions, single, married, in a relationship, divorced, widowed, LBT or straight… ALL HUMANS…

All future generations of people
For the love of Posterity, we need to do better guys.  We are failing because somewhere along the line, we forgot to look at the big picture and let hate take over. I don’t watch the news on a regular basis anymore because it makes me nauseous hearing what my fellows humans have done in the heat of mounting hate. I don’t even know where to begin…
We have lost touch with some age old ethics and we as a species need to bring them back. It’s not enough to simply wish upon a star and hope things will become better. We all hear about the stories of mass shootings, murders, deciet in our personal and business AND political worlds, neighbors being nasty to their fellow neighbors, attacks on public service personnel like the many police officers we hear about on the news and sometimes actually know, civilians being attacked by authorities unnecessarily, hostage situations, robberies, dwi accidents that claim lives, children and elderly being abused, domestic violence, pollution, hate crimes out the wazoo…
Hmmm, sorry, what I mean to say is, what happened to, “treat your neighbors as your brothers”? Ok maybe you don’t deface your neighbors property or scream profanities at them so you consider yourself a good neighbor. But let me ask you this, do you say hello to your neighbors when you pass them? Welcome newcomers to your building or community with a pie or cookies or even a friendly conversation to out then at ease?  Do your neighbors kids know to go to your house or run past if they have an emergency when their parents arent home?  Do you keep an eye in yiur neighbors homes when they’re on vacation or ignore it if you see something out of the norm?  Do you clean your dogs waste up when you walk your dog?  Do you exchange Christmas cards or invite each other to get togethers?  Would you even know if they moved away?  Our ancestors’ neighbors were some of their closest friends. They looked out for each other and helped each other improve their lives, “washed each other’s backs” so to say.  Even when I was young, we explored our neighbors woods, picked berries on their property, swam in their minds and road our bikes in their driveways. All the neighborhood kids played kick the can together at dusk and nobody was afraid. Those who didn’t get along just kept their distance, living their lives happily separate.  People forgave accidents rarher than suing people, true issues were dealt with through talk and compromise, in a court room if it were serious. People still committed crimes of course but you could feel safe surrounded by your neighbors. Neighbors are just more strangers anymore and that’s what we have to offer towards posterity.  If we are going to heal, if we have any hope in diluting hate, we have to start togetherness somehow. Why not start with your neighbors?  I don’t care if they look different so they scare you, practice a different religion, love people you don’t, or are a different color of the rainbow than you, none of us is better than  another. You all SHARE oxygen. You all have fears, you’ve all cried, laughed, loved, lost. SAY HELLO THE NEXT TIME YOU SEE THEM!  Change the mood of the planet because we are all sitting on the same one and start fixing what’s around you. This isnt for other humans, this is for you. Think about how much bettee you’d feel if you trusted your neighbors, maybe even liked them rather than feeling as though you have to lock your doors from them and avoiding awkward passings. If you didn’t have to panic if you ran out of sugar in the middle of baking a birthday cake or if you forgot to lock a door and remembered AFTER leaving town… How wonderful would it be for YOU if you could juju call your neighbors for help!? That’s the kind of world I want to live in please. Think about it and plan your next move. Your mission should you choose to accept it: befriend a neighbor.  Thank you in advance for your contribution ti bettering our current shared living quarters here on earth. Never know, your flowers could be growing from seeds from my garden. The world is smaller than you think so yes, each one of your contributions towards the betterment of our species counts, no matter where you are.
Do you remember when humans practiced, “do and say unto others what you’d like others to do and say unto you”? This one makes me sad in a big bad way because people’s hurtful words have become such a regular part of our societal norm that most barely even recognize their use of hurtful words anymore or assume it’s socially acceptable. I’m guilty. I have said PLENTY of hurtful things to people in my life time, sometimes unintentionally and sometimes on purpose. I’ve said things to people faces but also behind people’s back which is just as bad if not far worse.  Think of what it would look like if every hurtful comment or remark that ever left your lips were to take on a physical form. For sake of argument, lets call each physical form a 1″ x 1″ box.  How many full sized tractor trailers would your words fill if you added them all up over your lifetime?  Now let’s add the boxes of the other 6,999,999,999 people.  Take away a few for the innocent children and infants but that still leaves billions of humans with an archive of words that hurt someone somehow.  How many trailers could we stack in an area without them falling? How far around the world’s physical land would our trailers cover? Would we be able to stack and arrange them all and still manage to have enough physical dry land left for the 7 billion humans and eat and live and exist? (Yes babies and innocents count in the number who must exist, they would suffer from our words having taken up the majority of earths surface, even not having contributed to our trailers.) If you think about it, this IS our reality. The free space in which we have to live is only as big as the space left after our words destroy relationships and/or other humans, prevent new acquaintances from entering our bubbles, and “burning bridges”. How big is the space you’re living in? Now I’d like to assume there’s a way to fix anything that’s broken so I’d say it’s reasonable to assume from this point on, now that you’re “enlightened”, all your OLD boxes should be able to disapate with every 3 instances where you use kind words towards, or do good deeds for those who aren’t already in your world. The only problem is, now that you KNOW, every hurtful word or deed towards others including those in your circle of humans, will take 100 good deeds to disapate… How much space would YOU have?  Would you have ANY if your trailers of words filled the space you live in now or would you be crushed by the weight of it?  Words that hurt stack up for the recipients and can’t be erased. I know you didn’t grow up aspiring to add to others humans emotional and sometimes even physical demise. I know we don’t mean to hurt each other but none the less, we sooooo often do. Go forward thinking about your space, your boxes, your words, your actions. If we all consciously prevent more hate boxes from forming and work on breaking down the ones we have already formed when we didn’t know better, we’ll have a lot more room to run, and more room to breathe on this teeny tiny planet. Wouldn’t that be nice?  If for no other reason, do it for ME please. I’m clostrophobic, I can’t handle less space.😉
When I was a kid, I was told repeatedly to respect my space and especially others humans spaces, “leave others belongs and spaces as you found them, or BETTER than you found them”.  So I don’t know if its just a fundamental thats been forgotten or what’s going on here but we are literally destroying everything… we are boworring the earth from the planet while we are here so why mess it up?  No I’m not a tree hugger or a “hippy” but seriously… we litter and drive too many vehicles, eat processed foods, and live on electronics more than with our heads up, all while adding our physical garbage to waste facilities by the truck loads. We need to calm down. This isn’t just an issue with our carbon footprint. It counts with humans whose spaces you’re in too.  Do you return items you borrow from people?  Do you lend a hand to tidy a space youve been in that bings to another? Do you fix things you’re responsible for breaking rather than ignoring the problem?  This especially counts for those committing crimes. You can’t possibly think that by shooting other humans and buildings, breaking and entering, creating trama, defacing what others have worked for, or changing the path of people’s lives in any negative way is an example of bettering anything, certainly nor leaving things as you found them. Why can’t we just live by “to each their own” and walk away from things we don’t like, never to look back rather than causing destruction and torment?  Think about it. Don’t like it, don’t shoot someone, or attack people or destroy lives or properties, or say harsh things, just walk away. WALK AWAY!!
For those of you suffering at the hands of another, whether from a tragedy that made the news recently or otherwise, I am so sorry that you’re hurting.  I can’t help your personal situation but I am going to work within my own world to bring back some of the fundamental ethics we have all too easily forgotten in hopes that others will follow and eventually change the vibe of our planet. Until then, chin up love, hope isn’t gone, I still have faith in our species and our ability to right what has gone terribly wrong. We can and we will make it better together, for the love of Posterity.
Remember humans, we all deserve a better world!


9 thoughts on “For the Love of Posterity

  1. I recently was thinking of how we wake up everyday just to fail. Of how we feel good about feeding one poor person and publicize it where there are millions dying because of us in the first place, feels like we are just getting better at failing. Walking away does feel like an option at times, but it’s really hard when someone makes you a target right!! I agree with the world deserving better, but I don’t think humans are doing anything to deserve better.
    BTW I like your name

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  2. First post I’ve read from your blog. And I can say you have a very generous soul. We do need to help. Every one in need. If we were in that condition and nobody around us did , I can’t even imagine it. Honestly this is one of the blog’s that people need to pay attention to. Like wtf are people doing when others suffer. I’ve always had a mind, even from age 5 to give money to poor in India. My gramps used to give money and I was like can we go and give money to poor. I remember for one of my childhood birthday’s I went to a blind children school.My family was crying watching them eat. Those poor children. What did they ever do? God gave them such a f*cking miserable life. I gave them some profitable amount of money. They even sang me a good birthday song.I will instantly follow. I’d like to be part of the true people that enjoy your blog.

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