To all the papas and men acting as papas out there, Happy Father’s Day to you! This is the day we celebrate your inspiration, your reason for getting out of bed every morning and working as hard as you do to provide for the family that gave you your title of dad. Parenting isn’t easy, loving our kids unconditionally isn’t always easy, working your tail off to be eaten out of house and home, showing your sensitive side isn’t always easy but you do it because you can, for the love of your family and the tiny humans you made (unless they’re anything above 12, then they’re very large humans comparitivly speaking from your first memories of them).  You’re so much more than full bellies, lights, and a roof over your family’s head. You’re their rock, the fixer of all broken things, knight in shining armor, banisher of evil and nightmares, your princesses first love and your prince’s first hero, the king of your castle and the lucky recipient of all your womans dreams and passions. You’re everything to your family no matter how large or small, young or old, you deserve this day good papas of the world as a thank you from your family as a token of their appreciation for everything you are.  Enjoy your day guys and extra love to my guy, you’re the best father I’ve ever known to our littles and I couldn’t love you more for everything you’ve done for us and are for us if I tried.


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