Seriously guys, never say never, or always. Never and always are both powerful words that can hang like a black cloud over your woman’s head if you’re not careful and you’ll pay for it one way or another. Now I’m not suggesting you literally avoid the words, you just need to use them correctly in order to avoid turbulence with your woman. I know this sounds like a run around but it’s not, I promise, let me explain…

Saying things like, I never want to go to Walmart again, I never eat brussel sprouts, mom never wears sparkly makeup, i never wear underwear, are acceptable. We always take out the trash at night, I always wear socks, the kids always trash the house, dad always fixes things, also all acceptable. If you’re paying attention, what you’ll notice is none of those comments contain the words never or always in conjunction with the word “you”.  The word you, is where things can get dicey. If you’re careful, you can combine you with never or always when speaking to your woman but it’s imperative that you use them positively to be safe. Saying baby you always make the best lasagna, you never forget anyone’s birthday, you always know what to do, you never have to worry… these are all POSITIVE statements that could potentially better your relationship with your woman. Using these words together in any negative or suggestive way, can easily change your life foreeeeeeever.

I know this sounds like a fucked up game but the fact of the matter is that a good woman never forgets. When you imply that she never or always, does or doesn’t do something, it will eat away at her loooong after the 15 minutes you remember saying anything at all.  Doesn’t make sense?  Ok, so you can’t say things like, you never clean the house, you always look tired, you never appreciate anything, you’re always miserable, you never said I couldn’t buy new tools, you always annoy me, you never do anything… ALL of these are dangerous statements, you’re going to have to think about things you say in your own circumstances to your woman ans be sure to eliminate anything similar.  I know, I know, you don’t mean ALWAYS OR NEEEEEEVER persay when you say things of this nature and you sometimes just say them in passing when you’re stresses or aggravated but is it worth it man?  After left the room to move on to your next task and don’t give a second thought to what you may have said, if you said anything negative or suggestive with the words you, never and/or always, your woman is back to doing her next task too but she is weighing your words heavily. She’s thinking back over the years about how she didn’t notice she ALWAYS annoyed you. As she makes dinner, she’s still considering how she NEVER finds a way to make you see her appreciation despite appreciating the fuck out of your every move that you make that supports your family.  As she throws laundry in the washer and tucks the kids into bed, she’s thinking about how she ALWAYS looks tired and about how you won’t want her if she can’t keep up with her to-dos you don’t know she does behind the scenes but if you notice she’s tired she must be looking worn and ugly and you won’t want her then either so she’s in a lose lose situation. As she gets into the shower and then climbs into bed with you, rubbing your throbbing feet so you can work again in the morning to out food on the table, she’s thinking about how she can NEVER keep the house clean no matter how hard she tries because, well, kids or pets or work or just life, and how she isn’t good enough for you. Then while you dream of driving a Cadillac with pockets of cash rolling down sunset Blvd somewhere hot, she’s dreaming of how in your eyes she’s ALWAYS miserable and all that matters is your opinion in her world next to the kids and/or family so the nightmares of losing everything for being an ugly, miserable, ungrateful, sloppy waste of your time.

She won’t tell you all this because where inside she’s writhing from your words, a woman’s work must be done whether at home or her workplace so she buries her fears of screwing everything up by being herself, and carries on in hopes of changing your mind, even if you don’t know your mind needs changing because you haven’t spent one second dwelling on any of it. If she told you she was questioning everything she would be at risk of coming off as complaining while in reality she’s confused as to how you saw flaws she hadn’t, disappointed in herself for not being good enough, and likely angry that you think she always or never WHATEVER you said.  Ever notice she gets quiet without explanation, maybe inverts a bit for no reason and comes off irritated or cold?  There’s a good chance you’re paying for saying you always or never to your woman with no way to determine WHEN you said the wrong thing. Keep in mind, many women tally these things so that every time you REPEAT an always or never, she adds it to all the other times you’ve said the same things which can of course cause her to become extra aggravated each time you “add to the list”.  Your best beat is to avoid these word combinations all together so as to have one less thing creating havoc between you and your woman.  You can do it guys, all you have to do is think before you speak and you too, can keep the peace.

Remember boys, married or not, happy wife, happy life!


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