Aaaah, date night. My favorite except for the part where it hasn’t been a regular on our schedule for close to 10 years now if not better, and I gotta tell ya guys, not only do I notice as the woman, it breaks my heart a little.

Ok I get it guys. You’ve been together too long to waste time and money on date night when you spend every night at home together anyway right? You’re comfortable together so she knows you love her, you’re not trying to prove anything anymore or win her over so it’s not necessary? WRONG!! Let me explain.

To a woman, mother or not, date night is more than dinner, a movie and the bill that follows. A good woman typically isn’t picky about the details of where you go or how much you do or do not spend, it’s the time and effort that count.  Date night for your woman is mandatory even if she says it’s not because as the last priority in our world, we are always wanting to be some level of priority to you, always waiting for you to make us feel loved and wanted. When you commit to a date night, you’re showing her she’s worth your time, that you WANT to be around her and that you enjoy her company.  After a few years, some women begin to think you feel stuck with them if you’re not showing her otherwise, and as a result, she will become bitter. You’ll think she hates you, when in fact, she’ll hate herself for not being good enough for you to WANT her.  I know it seems like a run around guys but it’s not. This isn’t something we control, it’s just the way our brains work so you have to work with us. That being said, date night possibilities are endless since the most important factor is your presence. Please don’t think I’m telling you to take your woman to the movies every week, movies are nice but get old if it’s the only thing you spring for and she’ll feel like it’s just part of your routine and your efforts will be wasted. Want to keep your woman as happy as possible and thus, your life as peaceful as possible?  Get creative boys. Pick a night every week or every other week depending on what both of your schedules will allow and YOU make the plans.  Taking the weight of decision off your woman will make her feel slightly pampered, like she’s getting a break from life because all day long we women finalize decisions.  If you want extra gold stars from your woman, while you’re thinking of her, creatively planning a night out, think of things she enjoys too and work them in. She will likely be willing to go to a baseball game or car show if you are willing to go wine tasting or to a concert of a musician she loves. Never forget the power of compromise!   I know. You’re thinking you can’t dish out cash for big dates every week but that’s why I said get creative.  A date can be anything from a mini vaca to a local casino to a walk through the woods. I think my favorite dates have been times we have packed a lunch, walked around and just talked, laughed and wasted the time together.  You could check out free events in your area to see if anything is worthy of your time, in our area we can find music, festivals, fairs… we don’t necessarily spend much anywhere we go, the biggest investment is our time and it’s priceless.  When on dates forget age limits because playgrounds and fairs can be fun for adults too if it’s time you’re spending alone together and you let go long enough to have fun together and feel free, as you both should.

So yes boys, date night is worth the expense of your time and hard earned cash, just spend it wisely. It’s never a waste when the result is a good woman who is content because she feels wanted, who feels complete because you enjoy her company no matter how long you’ve been together. NEVER stop dating your woman no matter how comfortable things seem, you’ll reap the rewards for a lifetime if you do it right.

Remember boys, married or not, happy wife, happy life!


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