I know this is a touchy subject guys, things get heated, you yell, she yells and even if you “win”, she takes it out on you foreeeeeeever so you lose anyway right?  Lol, in order to win an argument, you may have to change your perspective of what winning is. Ladies, you’re going to have to work with him while he’s learning and give him credit when it’s due.

Now winning doesn’t necessarily mean getting the last word or being right boys. Winning is being able to walk away after an argusation (a conversation that borders with or merges into an argument) with everyone’s dignity in tact, not having to watch over your shoulder for payback, with as little damage to each other as possible. Winning is sleeping in your bed rather than on the couch. To achieve this is easier than you may think bit it DOES take effort.  When you know you’re at that point in the argusation where nothing else can be successfully achieved, it’s time to back out guys.  I know it’s impossible to listen to her yelling her closing statements but make yourself listen long enough to know what she’s trying to achieve. Try to agree with her if you can and it won’t kill you to throw in an apology.  This goes back to our primortal need to be heard and have our thoughts and fear and ideas justified. It’s as much an animal instinct as your need to let one rip after a couple bowls of reeeeaaaally good chilli, sometimes we NEED the last word so we know that you heard us without dismissing our input. I know it sounds ridiculous but it is what it is, and this is the only way to win.  If she knows she’s been heard, you try to right what she says or thinks is wrong, apologize, and recognize when to stop your end of the argusation, you actually have a chance of sleeping in your bed at the end of the day with a woman who feels content having been heard and loved. Better than the dog house isn’t it?

Remember boys, married or not, happy wife, happy life…


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